Green Square Townhomes

Green Square is a blessed place to live.

When the first phase of the Lower Mission development was finished, construction boss Andreas Hayer took his 15-person crew onto the roof of the three-storey, 10-unit complex and performed a German blessing called Richtfest.

“As he read the words, I looked around at the owners below,” says Renee Wasylyk of Troika Developments, which is developing the 11-phase complex. “All were watching with intensity, some were moved to tears. The carpenters hammered the last nail into the building and a sabre was used to open the Cipes Brut wine and all the carpenters toasted and a glass was thrown from the roof,” Wasylyk says. “It was a special moment.”

Wasylyk thinks Green Square is special; she built homes she would like to live in. “When my husband (Jason), walked into the presentation centre, he said ‘oh, my goodness, these are awesome. When can we live in one?’” says Wasylyk.

“We have families with teens, with young kids, couples with no kids, singles with no kids, singles with kids. It’s such a mixture and we love it. It exemplifies what is already in the community that surrounds it,” says Wasylyk, who developed the project with the Rissos, the family that has owned the land since 1913.

The three-bedroom homes, ranging in size from 1,350-1,760 square feet, run around $350,000, in a neighbourhood where many houses cost $500,000 more.

The project is within five minutes of some of the best things in Kelowna: Mission Greenway, H2O Recreation Centre, beaches, restaurants, shopping and schools.

When Troika’s design team envisions homes they are about to create, they consider who will live there, what they would like and how they will feel about the space.

“I like to brag that I have an advantage over my male developer competitors because I use a kitchen,” Wasylyk says. “I say that tongue in cheek, but I have certain points I walk through so I can feel how the space is evolving.

”I thought about every closet, how the washer-dryer was going to work, what the bathroom would feel like, where the mirror was, how the natural light was affecting a woman as she does makeup. We want every project to be better than the one we did before, but this one was particularly special because of all the green aspects.”

“Anything that you see on our site that is concrete is permeable, which allows the water to go through, plus we have the greenscape centre aisle. It grows grass where the cars drive. We have created a green thread all along our drive aisle.”

The townhouses are selling quickly, but Wasylyk would like to give one away. Troika held a lottery in which people were invited to punch the correct code, a seven-digit number, into an electronic device to win a home. A thousand people tried, 1,000 failed.

“We wanted someone to win, so we will do it again.”

Maybe, if he’s lucky, it’ll be Jason Wasylyk.

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