Troika Management Vice President of Development, Rich Threlfall and our building partner CorWest Builders’ General Manager and President, Ray Wynsouw are among those leading the pack for Okanagan business. They recently sat down with Boulevard Magazine to discuss where their success is anchored and their vision for the future.

“Growing up, I always had a desire to understand how things worked, which often meant taking them apart for the satisfaction of putting them back together. I carried that same passion with me as I ventured into land development and real estate, which was first, introduced to me by my father. It was under his guidance that I learned the importance of always putting people first and working with integrity.

Today, I strive to understand what makes our cities tick and what residents desire from a home to design developments that will provide and encourage a healthy and vibrant community. In holding true to Troika’s core value of innovation, I take pride in challenging the status quo, discovering better methods, and delivering stronger outputs and solutions for everything we do.” – Rich Threlfall, Troika Management Vice President of Development 

“I will never forget the career-changing advice I received from a mentor of mine, George Hume-Smith, when I was running my own construction company. He took me for lunch, and after some small talk, looked me in the eye, and said, “I watch you all the time. You run around addressing everything simultaneously. Instead, you need to delegate tasks to ensure a positive outcome for everyone. Stick to that plan and trust others to execute it.

Having to let go of doing everything myself has been one of the toughest changes I’ve had to make professionally, and one I occasionally still struggle with today, but what George said to me was right. Constructing a home is a small part of the overarching equation and you need more than just yourself to make that happen. Learning to be a leader, mentoring staff and building relationships is what allows us to accomplish great things, not only for our clients, but also for our industry.” – Ray Wynsouw, CorWest Builders President and General Manager 

This article was first featured in ‘Boulevard Magazine’ May/June 2019 issue.

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