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You’ve likely all dreamt about it one time or another. Escaping from the hectic pace of day-to-day-life in the city if even for just a moment. For most, that means jetting off on a beach holiday to bask in the sun with a drink in one hand and book in the other. It’s that very desire for ultimate relaxation mixed with the fondness for the modern perks of urban living, that’s spurred an architectural trend proving coastal modern homes don’t just belong on the beach anymore.

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What our buyers have told us over the years is that the smallest of changes can bring you one step closer to that home ownership dream. And that doesn’t mean sacrificing life’s joys, but it does suggest taking a look at the bigger picture and finding that sweet balance of living in the moment while saving for the future. Where do you begin? Stop doing these 5 things today to make sure you can own a home tomorrow.

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You’ve seen the headlines. Housing affordability is further out of reach than ever before. That sounds grand for the slim few taking advantage of this ‘buyer’s market’. However, it doesn’t fair well for the larger majority, who are qualified, and eager to secure a piece of the ownership pie. In a delicate attempt to re-balance the market, BC has introduced a few new laws every house hunter should understand. We’ve got you covered. Navigate ‘The Big BC 3’ to make home ownership work for you with a few easy tips.

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10 Reasons to Call The Landing in Lake Country Home

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It would be hard to deny the beauty that is B.C., with its gorgeous scenic backdrops from every angle, a season for every lifestyle, and the delightful urban perks. Joining the long list of the province’s most vibrant communities is a hidden gem that for more reasons than one is sure to be the next place you’ll want to call home.

1) MODERN BEACH HOUSE CHARACTER| Our townhomes are a balance of contemporary and modern design. Distinct geometric constructs including staggered elevations, clean architectural lines and a blend of natural and non-traditional materials invite functionality with a touch of coastal flair.

2) BRINGING THE OUTDOORS, INSIDE | An expansive open concept featuring oversized windows throughout invite the natural warmth of the outdoors inside, met with neutral tones, smooth surfaces, and sleek hardware accents.

3) PRIVATE ROOFTOP PATIOS WITH A VIEW | The extended 600 square foot space brings the finest of indoor living comforts outside to suit every occasion and season. With upgrades such as a hot tub, bbq, and kitchen you’ll find yourself on your very own private rooftop patio enjoying early mornings with a cup of coffee in hand, and sunsets entertaining guests while enjoying the stunning views of Wood Lake and the Okanagan Valley mountains in the distance.

4) ADVENTURE & CONVENIENCE|The Landing is an oasis nestled between small-town adventure and big city conveniences. Residents can enjoy the inspiring scenery of the local beaches and parks, and The Okanagan Rail Trail, mere steps away, in addition to shopping, dining, and entertainment in Lake Country’s busy city center.

5) A TOUCH OF LUXURY | Putting a personal mark on style and function of your dwelling is what truly makes it a home. Select from a custom range of high-end finishes and tailored upgrades to satisfy your lifestyle and tastes.

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The Landing Lake Country

New Development Offering Opportunity to Live and Invest in Lake Country

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In the last few years, Lake Country has progressed into a vibrant community that’s full of life.

With the area being exempt from the proposed speculation tax in B.C., this fast-growing region has peaked developers’ interests.

“The experience and expertise that Troika Developments and CorWest builders bring to the table will give our buyers peace of mind knowing that they have purchased a quality home from a reputable and trustworthy developer,” says Calvin Lechner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Troika.

"<whoPhoto Credit: Troika”/>

The Landing, which is located at the southern end of Wood Lake, will feature 25 two- and three-bedroom townhomes with rooftop terraces. Introductory pricing will start in the low to mid $500,000s.

Full the full article, click here.

CorWest, Stuff a bus, Superstore Kelowna Okanagan

We send our best to ‘Stuff A Bus’ for charity – Helping more local children have a Christmas dinner

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1,200 children will be receiving meals this Christmas thanks to the efforts of iheartradio’s Stuff A Bus event.

$450,000 worth of food and donations were gathered in 2 days as the Central Okanagan pooled their efforts. Our team was also there to support the cause. Troika’s construction team CorWest put forth their best and pitched in on the 600 turkeys.

“A little food, a little cash, a little love for those that need a little help.”

“Mike and I had an opportunity to represent all the staff in the TRIBE by stuffing the bus on Saturday…” said Ray Wynsouw CHP. “We at CorWest Builders and Troika Developments are passionate about building communities. We are equally as passionate about helping those in the community.”

Thank you for checking out our blog!

If you like what we are doing in the community, then have a look!

Westharbour Kelowna

GreenSquare Kelowna

Audrey Houhgton's Mission Hill Festival of Trees Submission

Mission Hill is Lighting Up West Kelowna Christmas Trees… Again!

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–Celebrate Date Night for a Great Cause This Weekend – Mission Hill’s Festival of Trees

BC Children’s Hospital takes the spotlight for the second year in a row at Mission Hill Estate Winery’s ‘Festival of Trees’. Starting Nov. 23  and running until January 4th, you will have a chance to experience “professional” tree design and maybe steal some ideas for yourself.  Each tree has its own theme, lending itself to the expression of each philanthropist.

Votes are represented by the total donations earned by each piece and are tallied at the end of the event. The totals are then donated to the BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital, meaning that you will be in the company of others who are just as much about the advancement of our medical facilities.

Troika’s own in-house interior designer Dalaun Klaasen has been brought on to consult for a local submission by Audrey Houghton of Remax.

We sat down with Dalaun to learn more about the inspiration behind this piece.

“I wanted to do something different”

Dalaun and Audrey wanted the decorative collaboration to celebrate a specific experience. One that you might remember, that of being a child, waking up to cocoa on Christmas morning.

“I knew the piece had to take advantage of its place within the winery; it needed to showcase a bit of glamour and instill in the viewer a touch of nostalgia”.

This meant that the “Nut-Cracker Prince” tree-topper was important, but that’s not all you’ll notice. The antique french doors seem like they are part of the tree and not just an accessory. However, this was not only a nod to heritage. It celebrates the prestige that Mission-Hill has garnered for itself by pairing these features with the feathers of a peacock. “It’s like your looking through your own window at our gorgeous valley”. The painting behind the piece will pull you right into the living room that a tree decorated with this much love just has to occupy.

Pairing these with the hand-carved childhood alphabet blocks and antique candy canes was important aswell. These minor details will push you towards those cosy feeling you get thinking of a simpler time.

Interested in learning more?

Visit Mission Hill to view more of these West Kelowna Christmas Tree submissions! There will be hot cocoa for the kids and adult beverages available.

If you would like to learn more about our incredible team them feel free to check out our About Page.

If you feel like this is the sort of lifestyle that you prefer, then CLICK HERE.

Financial Controller Kelowna

We’re Hiring! Financial Controller in Kelowna, BC

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We’re Hiring!

Troika is looking for a Financial Controller at our Kelowna office. The Controller oversees all financial processes and is responsible for ensuring timely and relevant monitoring and reporting of the company’s overall financial performance. Professional designation with 5+ years in senior-level financing or accounting in the real estate and construction industries is required.


See the full job posting here. 

If you or somebody you know would be a great fit for this position, please contact RuthAnn Perry at [email protected].

The Landing at Wood Lake Approved by Lake Country District Council

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Under the leadership of Renee Wasylyk, Troika Developments has proven once again that community will always come ahead of business.

It was a late evening in September when Lake Country residents would learn the fate of Wood Lake project at the final city council meeting. Attendees who urged for a considerate development were pleased to find that The Landing, initially slated with an allowable density of 45 units, would be comprised of a relaxed 25 unit design instead. The updated plans called for extra green space in the community and a building height kept to a moderate three stories, preserving the nature and integrity of its surroundings.

Read more about the project from Kelowna’s Capital News.

canada flag

Reflections on Canada Day and what it means to be Canadian

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Here at Troika, we wanted to reflect on what it means to be Canadian and how that informs our values. We came up with some answers that really spoke to us and we wanted to share them with you!

canadian flag flying

To be Canadian is to be Tolerant

Canada is a gorgeous, beautiful place to be. But Canadians have had to band together for a common goal to accomplish great things. Hence, our capacity to “stand on guard for thee” is in large part bound by how well we can stand together. Furthermore, multi-culturalism and freedoms of association, religion, and thought are engraved in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Therefore we stand for the values of tolerance and embracing diversity.

trudeau and queen elizabeth signs charter

Credit to Ron Bull and the Toronto Star

To be Canadian is to be Kind

A nation is shaped by the character of its residents. Kindness is an ideal that has defined the self-perception of Canadians for generations. We are consistently stereotyped as polite and kind, but we have to continue to maintain it as more than an empty stereotype but as a genuine truth.

pacific railway last spike

Credit to the Canadian Encyclopedia

To be Canadian is to be Resilient

Canadians have always overcome the obstacles in their way to being the nation it is today. From fighting at Vimy Ridge to building the Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada’s collective resilience prevailed over obstacles. Now we have to continue to build on this ideal and create a better Canada and a better world it was than when we came into it.

toronto skyline

To be Canadian is to be Resourceful

Speaking of resilience, another quality that goes hand-in-hand with that is resourcefulness. We here at Troika are always trying to be resourceful and innovative, and we think this is a uniquely Canadian quality that helps define who we are.

So to conclude, it’s important for us to reflect on the positive traits that have defined us and attempt to pass those traits on to our successors. This Canada Day, think about what you define those traits as. This is just our interpretation!