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Troika Announces New President

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Troika is pleased to announce the appointment of Rich Threlfall as the new President of Troika, as expansion continues into Subsidized Housing and Commercial projects across Western Canada.

Rich Threlfall is a familiar face at Troika, having been the VP of Development for the last six years.  As both an aerospace and civil engineer, Rich has been leading the Development Teams at Troika as the company has expanded further across Western Canada.  Previously an Engineer at CTQ Consultants, Rich has experience across the country in developments spanning commercial, residential, large-land mass, and multi-family. 

“Rich was the natural choice for succession at Troika.  We saw that our leadership structure needed to change in order to deal with the plans for expansion into other developments and diversified markets.  Rich possesses the expertise, drive, and capacity to continue moving the company forward.  But more important to the executive and partnership were the values that Rich has in alignment with those of the heart of the company’s vision”, says CEO Renee Merrifield.  “Troika is a company that believes strongly in our values, our vision and our purpose of Building Sustainable Communities and creating belonging in our neighborhoods and within our company.”

Renee Merrifield will continue as CEO, but be working more on the vision, brand and strategy of Troika with this new appointment of Rich Threlfall as President. 

“As Partners, we are excited about the new leadership Mr. Threlfall brings.  His wealth of knowledge and experience will be a huge asset as he leads the company forward”, says Troika partner, Brad Klassen.

“When I came to Troika a decade ago, we knew that we wanted to continue to grow, expand, learn, and become a significant, positive contributor to the communities we built and served.  It has been exciting to witness all that we have accomplished, and I am eager to continue on the path that has been established in a new and renewed positive way forward”, says Rich Threlfall.

About Troika Management:  Troika is a progressive, future-focused land and real estate development company based in Kelowna, BC. We are involved from start to finish in the creation of living spaces and communities, from the acquisition of under-utilized land, construction, sales and marketing through to property management. Both strategic and holistic in our approach, we are dedicated to creating the best possible environment for families.

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VP People, Troika Management Corp.
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Castanet: Troika Wants To Build More Than 300 Homes In McCurdy Road Hills

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Article first appeared on CASTANET on August 28, 2020

Troika Management Corporation has submitted its plans for a major residential development on McCurdy Road that could also have a major impact on the city’s transportation system.

Terreno Hillside Community would consist of 266 condominiums and 43 townhomes if it were to come to fruition. Troika submitted rezoning and official community plan amendments to Kelowna city council earlier this month.

The development, which would be weaved into the hillside north of Highway 97, would also include the extension of McCurdy Road to connect to Mt. Baldy Drive. According to Troika, that has been identified by city staff as a key component of the city’s master transportation plan and would help ease traffic congestion on Highway 97 by providing an alternate route to Dilworth and Glenmore.

Terreno Hillside Community would feature 309 homes with one, two or three bedrooms.

“Our current development plans make a tremendous effort to minimize the impact to the environment by dedicating majority of the property to parkland,” Troika development vice-president Rich Threlfell wrote in his company’s submission letter to city council. “It also leaves open space for hiking trails and outlines a Mill Creek restoration and protection plan.

“We have made extensive consideration for the steep slopes and hillside scaring by creating architecture that protects the surrounding nature and complements the surrounding developments. The architecture is both modern and simple, providing an aesthetic that seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

“Troika has taken extensive care to ensure we utilize the development nodes to eliminate a development sprawl.”

The Globe and Mail: Developer sees a rosy post-coronavirus future

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Ms. Merrifield says the market will be driven by young professionals who held onto their jobs, who are renting or purchased a condo, and who’ve discovered that their money will suddenly go further. Middle-aged people looking to upsize will also see relative bargains.
“And with low interest rates, [people] will have buying power that they won’t have seen since probably 2009.

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If there’s one rule to financial success, it’s invest early and invest often. While most would assume that means putting funds into a 401K or stock, today’s reality paints a very different picture as to what investment means. Young, old, single, or married, people have recognized that real estate is king, and that your greatest return doesn’t just come down to the dollars and cents alone. It’s about finding a home that fits your needs now and the future that warrants it valuable.

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Rental properties can provide a lot of benefits. Sure, it takes some work to maintain the home and handle tenants, but the extra work is usually worth it.

There are some factors to keep in mind while you’re researching the real estate market. Are you willing to pay the speculation and vacancy tax to get into certain regions in the instance that you’re not able to fill the rental right away? What size of house would renters be looking for? How much can you afford? The list goes on.

If you’re not sure about buying a new or used home, this list of benefits to owning a newly constructed home may help! Always do your research before investing into real estate. Talk to specialists and be sure to figure out your budget.

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Millennials. They’ve tackled challenges with smart solutions, opted for unconventional lifestyles that favor experiences and set a new precedent for access over ownership. While it’s not that they are the only ones who value a sense of belonging, affordability, and smart technology. It’s that they’ve been the strongest force to disrupt norms and in uncovering what motivates us as a society. The shift has led to the likes of researchers such as David Allison whose work on ‘valuegraphics’ has proven age is irrelevant, and from one generation to the next, we’re more alike one another than ever before. Read More


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Ever pictured a life that allows you to do what you enjoy in the place you call home? Why wait for that annual holiday to experience adventure when you can have it all year round? The Okanagan Valley’s endless options from beaches and slopes, to trails, and wineries, means you only have to go as far as your front door. Amongst it all is a hidden gem, Lake Country. A city sandwiched between Kelowna and Vernon, Lake Country has earned its spot as THE staycation destination, turning tourists into residents in the process.

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Troika Management Vice President of Development, Rich Threlfall and our building partner CorWest Builders’ General Manager and President, Ray Wynsouw are among those leading the pack for Okanagan business. They recently sat down with Boulevard Magazine to discuss where their success is anchored and their vision for the future.

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Spring has arrived and if you’re lucky enough just to be coming out of the freezing temps then you know that means one thing – it’s patio season! But just how well are you utilizing your space and enjoying the perks of your outdoor space? A majority of homeowners are guilty of one thing – playing favorites to their interiors, but with a little time, money and attention to that undervalued haven you can be sure will ensure it’s just as comfortable and inviting as the inside… maybe even more! Take the advice of Troika’s Design Expert and focus on 3 things to bring your outdoor living to the next level. Read More